Saturday, 14 February 2015

I'm speaking at the Festival del Viaje y sus Culturas on Monday 16 February

Until the end of February, Madrid is playing host to the inaugural Festival del Viaje y sus Culturas. With workshops, talks and city walks, the festival aims to promote travel's role in art, literature, music and photography.

Will Madrid Rio be part of my vision of the city?

On Monday 16 February, I'll be on the panel at the Conectadxs event from 6.30pm at Conde Duque. No, I have no idea what that X is doing in the title either, but the session brings together bloggers from around the world who share their visions of their cities of residence on their blog. I'll be part of the Europe section, sharing my views of Madrid alongside Ana Fernández from Lugares de Cine, who'll be talking about Rotterdam, and Elena de Astorza, a Spanish expat in London who writes Notas desde algun lugar. The event is in Spanish and will be led by the radio presenter Maria Álvarez de Eulate.

After the Europe section, the event continues with Africa until 9pm. If you don't have plans on Monday, please come along – it'd be great to see you there!

The details
Monday 16 February from 6.30pm
Free entry
Salon de Actos, Conde Duque

If you can't attend in person, you can follow the event on Twitter at @FestivalViaje and using the hashtags #CONECTADXS and #CharlaViaje. 


  1. Hope it went well!
    I think the "x" is part of the gender campaign, replacing the "@" and "conectados/as"... just so us ladies know it's aimed at us too. Looks ghastly though!

    1. It did thanks! Ah I see... didn't realise! I'm used to it in text speak but not in this context. Preferred @!


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