Thursday, 20 November 2014

I'm a Praktik Hotels Ambassador

As of this week, I'm an 'ambassador' for Praktik Hotels. What does that mean? Well, this cool and affordable little hotel chain is working with bloggers based in Barcelona and Madrid to share experiences and tips about the cities on their blog.

The comfiest hotel bed I've ever stayed in: Praktik Vinoteca

Praktik caught my eye on Instagram a few months ago with their gorgeous images of their hotels and their eye for great design (and of course, the incredible concept that is the Bakery Hotel). After recently staying at the newly-opened Praktik Vinoteca, a wine-themed hotel in Barcelona complete with sommelier, I was excited to get involved with their ambassador initiative. At the moment, there are 11 of us, living in either Barcelona and Madrid. Almost everyone blogs already, so if you're looking for new reading material on these cities, check out the ambassadors' profiles. With Praktik's motto being 'Collect experiences not things', we're here to share our insights into the cities we call home.

Why collaborate with Praktik? Blogging on Oh hello, Spain keeps me busy enough. Well, this may be true, but I'm excited to write different posts about Madrid and share them with a wider audience, in addition to keeping up my regular blogging here. And Praktik's ethos is one that really appeals to me, with an emphasis on quality, comfort and style on a budget. Prices at their hotels start at under €100 for a double room, and with impeccably designed facilities, you can't get much better. As a traveller who appreciates stylish surroundings for a reasonable price, I agree with Praktik's aim. And it's not just the price, it's the details: at the Vinoteca I was greeted with a free glass of cava on arrival, and guests can also enjoy free wine tastings. With different initiatives on offer in each of the hotels, Praktik has got the little things right.

My first post on the Praktik blog, about swapping the traditional tourist Prado + Retiro combo for the trendier, less-crowded Matadero + Madrid Rio, is here. Over on the blog, you can find my ideas and many more tips on Madrid and Barcelona.

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  1. What a great opportunity! I hope they come to Seville soon.


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