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Madrid Monday: Monuments & museums with free entry at certain times

Free entry to monuments and museums in Madrid part 2

The most enticing blog post title ever? If you're still reading, hopefully you'll find this post useful. As I explained in part 1, many museums and monuments in Madrid open for free at certain times. These are either exceptional days during the year, as in part 1; certain days or times every week (notably Sunday), as in part 2; or every day, as in part 3. If you're planning a trip to Madrid, it's helpful to know when these free opening times are so you can save your cents for what really matters: food.

Free entry times vary greatly, so I've categorized into Sundays and Other days, with full details below. If a sight is free on Sunday plus another time of the week, I've listed it under Sunday with the additional free time next to it. Click on the links of the different attractions for opening hours, normal prices and other information.


Many Madrid museums offer free entry on Sunday morning (usually until 2 or 3pm, not noon – fear not, you'll still get your lie in).

Museo de América (Museum of the Americas)
Museo Arqueológico Nacional (National Archaeology Museum) Also free on Saturdays from 2pm.
Museo de Artes Decorativas (Decorative Arts Museum) Also free on Thursday afternoon.
Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Anthropology Museum) Also free on Saturdays from 2pm.
Museo Cerralbo Also free on Thursdays from 5–8pm & Saturdays from 2pm.
Museo Joaquín Sorolla (Museum in the former home of the impressionist painter) Also free on Thursdays from 5–8pm & Saturdays from 2pm.
Museo del Prado From 5–7pm. Also free Mon–Sat 6–8pm & all day on 19 November.
Museo Reina Sofía From 1.30–7pm. Also free on Mon, Weds & Sat from 7–9pm.
Museo del Romanticismo (Romanticism Museum) Also free on Saturdays from 2pm. 
Museo del Traje (Costume Museum)Also free on Saturdays from 2.30pm.

Other times of the week

Note that the Patrimonio Nacional sites (the 2 monasteries and all palaces) are free to EU and Iberoamerican citizens only at these times. See their websites for full details.

Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales (Convent of the Barefoot Nuns) Wed & Thu from 3–6pm Oct–Mar, 5–8pm Apr–Sep
Monasterio de la Encarnación Wed & Thu from 3–6pm Oct–Mar, 5–8pm Apr–Sep
Museo Lázaro Galdiano Daily 3.30–4.30pm. Sunday 2–3pm. Closed Tuesday.
Museo Thyssen – Monday from 12–4pm
Palacio Real de Aranjuez(Aranjuez Palace)
Palacio Real de El Pardo(El Pardo Palace)
Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso (La Granja de San Ildefonso Palace, near Segovia) Wed & Thu from 3–6pm Oct–Mar, 5–8pm Apr–Sep
Palacio Real de Madrid (Madrid Royal Palace) Mon–Thu from 4–6pm Oct–Mar, 6–8pm Apr–Sep
Palacio Real de Riofrío (Riofrio Palace, near Segovia) Wed & Thu from 3–6pm Oct–Mar, 5–8pm Apr–Sep
Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial(El Escorial Monastery) Wed & Thu from 3–6pm Oct–Mar, 5–8pm Apr–Sep
El Valle de los Caídos(Valley of the Fallen) Wed & Thu from 3–6pm Oct–Mar, 5–8pm Apr–Sep

Monuments marked with a * are in the Comunidad de Madrid rather than the city. 

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  1. This is GOLD! Despite living in Madrid for over a year now, there are still so many museums and palaces that I have yet to see. However, these days I hardly have the cash to see them all! Thank you so much for sharing this! Bookmarking it as we speak :)

    1. Thanks Courtney! Not the most gripping topic but I thought it was really useful as it was hard/impossible to find all this info in one place. Next up will be museums that are always free - there are actually loads!

  2. Too right! Save the cents for food and vermouth! Great idea for a post.

    1. Thanks Kim! It's definitely possible to see a lot of major sights for free if you time it right.


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