Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Reading slowly at Lisbon's LX Factory

On the site of a former factory in western Lisbon, there's a quiet revolution against the advent of e-books. Hip bookshop Ler Devagar (Read Slowly) encourages customers to put aside technology for long enough to enjoy the pleasures of the printed word on the page.

Occupying a multi-storey space in LX Factory, Lisbon's newest creative space, Ler Devagar is a work of art in itself. Piles of Portuguese and international paperbacks on subjects from architecture to politics to travel line artistically laid-out shelves, a bicycle with wings takes flight in the centre of the shop and a retired printing press has found new life as a cocktail bar. Selling both new and secondhand works, Ler Devagar features a cafe where customers can linger, enjoying a good read in a light, airy space. The calm atmosphere encourages you to linger and wander, perusing the shelves and flicking through tomes in tongues you don't understand. At Ler Devagar, the book is celebrated as an object, attaining a beauty and tangibility that words on a screen will never have.

Sit down, sip a cup of tea, stay a while.

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  1. This library is wonderful with your "Bicicleta Voadora" (Flying bike) to look at us. :) The artist of this work is Mr. Pietro.

  2. I must visit while in Lisbon!


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