Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Across the cafe table #1: My secret travel indulgence

Once a month, The Travel Belles founder Margo and the site's contributors will be pulling up a pew around a virtual cafe table to discuss a travel-related question, with the answers displayed both on the site and on our own blogs. Starting proceedings with a confession, this month's question is what's your secret travel indulgence?

A cashmere blanket on the plane perhaps? Very Victoria Beckham. Or a silk pillowcase I take everywhere with me? Oh no. My secret travel indulgence is nothing so glamorous. For here I must hold my hand up and confess to buying trashy gossip magazines.

My in-flight reading material of choice, from a recent trip to Barcelona

Some people find airports stressful: not me. Once I arrive, my holiday has begun. I browse the duty free section unhurriedly, try on sunglasses, perhaps treat myself to a new lipstick, people watch over a coffee. I also indulge in behaviour I wouldn't necessarily risk at home: I go into WH Smith and stock up on a few issues of such quality publications as Heat, Now and Closer. There's something about a holiday - or even just a plane journey, as a recent business trip proved no exception - that makes me want to leave my novel in my carry-on and pore over the lives of the rich and 'famous' instead. Jennifer Aniston has yet another new haircut that looks pretty much the same as the last one? Fascinating! A former Big Brother contestant was in a nightclub brawl? Terrible. One of the girls from The Only Way is Essex bought a new handbag? OK, I'll skip that story until at least half an hour into the flight.

You can see why I kept this indulgence a secret until now, can't you? But hey, my reading taste deserves a little holiday too... doesn't it?

You can find the other Belles' secret indulgences here. Many are no doubt more glamorous than my guilty gossip magazine pleasure.


  1. Oooh, this is a good one. And I'm right there with you. Not only my in-flight indulgence, the gossip mags are my haircut indulgence, too! Lol. But I completely agree. And in some ways I hope they hold off on in-flight wifi so that I don't feel the need to be connected. I love flying so I can just turn off and be disconnected for two minutes! Love this post, Kate! =)

  2. Oh you crack me up! :-) I love trashy mags on trips too! They truly are an escape, a visual reminder that THIS day is different, the start of something special. :-)

  3. I usually read gossip magazines at the dentist office... unfortunately they are very efficient and never leave me much time. Remember when flight attendants used to hand out magazines? I would always grab "People" then. .. humm.. next time I just may have to buy one (or another "QUALITY publication" before getting on a flight. thanks for playing Kate! I love response! ;)

  4. I do this too! I didn´t even think of it, but it´s definitely one of my travel indulgences! Bring on the gossip mags!

  5. Haha, nice! I think we all read the gossip mags time is at the hair salon. I do sometimes buy them (and also fashion mags) for train rides in reading and/or photo grazing.

  6. I love gossip magazines from the UK I think they are so much more fun than the ones from the US.

  7. Thanks for the comments, ladies!
    @Karen - that's true, I do read them in the hairdesser too! I agree about the wifi - it's great to have an excuse to be disconnected from the world and connect with gossip instead :)

    They definitely are a form of escapism, glad you all agree! I've never read any US magazines so can't really compare. I would love it if they handed them out on flights though - I might suggest it...!

  8. I so love that I'm not the only one who does this. Whenever I return home to the States, I secretly always hope for a US layover (rather than Europe) so that I can stock up on gossip mags for the second leg of the trip. Then I curl up in my window seat and try to hide the fact that I'm riveted by every last picture. It feels so good to come clean!

  9. Couldn't agree with you more. Magazines are the ultimate travel must have!


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