Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Madrid: Traditional tapas and tweed in Salamanca

As nostalgia is setting in before I've even left Madrid, I thought I should share my favourite after-work haunt with my dear readers. Unlike the trendy barrio Salamanca cocktail bars that host 'after works' (pronounce with a Spanish accent for full effect), El Rincón de Goya is a traditional taberna with tiled walls serving tapas and vino tinto to a tweed-wearing crowd.

Despite the tweed, the atmosphere is far from stuffy. Once the clock hits 7pm, the bar quickly fills up with  from nearby offices keen to tuck into some ali-oli soaked potatoes, jamón or pimientos de padrón. For those with more exotic tastes, the 'special' section on the chalk-board menu offers such delights as crispy prawn rolls on a bed of balsamic vinegar-dressed rocket. And although the menu does feature beds of rocket, El Rincón de Goya is friendly and unpretentious, with waiters dishing up free plates of tapas with every drink order. Varying from olives to montaditos to some rather mayonnaisey options, the freebies aren't the bars finest offerings, but they're certainly far tastier than the plates of slop on offer at a certain often-touted bar which also offers tapas gratis with the purchase of a drink.

For those looking for more than just a little bite to accompany their copa, there's also a dining room serving raciones.
  • Taberna El Rincon de Goya is located at Calle de Lagasca 46 (metro Serrano).

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